From Monday Until Friday 21pm

Appetizer + Dish + Dessert or 1 glass of wine 19,90€


Mast o Moussir homemade yoghurt with Garlic mountain.
Borani Spinach with yoghurt.
Salade Olivier Macedonia, potatoes, chicken, pickles, mayonnaise
Salade Chirazi Diced tomatoes, cucumber, onion, herbs.
Hamousse Mashed chickpeas with garlic
Soupé Djo Barley soup.
Salade mixte Lettuce, tomato, cucumber
Chèvre chaud Green Salad, tomatoes, goat cheese on toast


Brochette JetSet turkey fillet served with rice with almonds.
Koubideh Skewer of minced lamb.
Chic Kabab Lamb and delicious peppers.
G.Bademdjan fried lamb with peas and eggplant broken.
The butcher’s favorite.
Salmon steak.
Today’s Spécial.


Nan Khaméï Cream puffs
Homemade Roulette Persian cake.
Homemade Bastani Persian ice cream flavored with rose water and crushed pistachios.
Fresh fruits salad
Caramel cream